• The Project in 24 Slides

The Context

The world continues the relentless shift towards automation. In the Financial Industry, investment firms leverage their deep pockets to gain an edge over other market players.

  • Firms develop and keep market research and trading automation technology in absolute secrecy.
  • They dominate the markets with sophisticated algorithms and powerful market analysis.
  • Few hands concentrate the ability to produce top trading intelligence.

The Problem

For trading intelligence to emerge, vast technology infrastructure is required. The technology puzzle is too complex for individuals — or even small groups — to solve. Commercial platforms are in the business of extracting value from users and can't produce competitive intelligence.

  • Complexity: Some offer simplistic approaches that don’t work — trading is not simple.
  • Fragmentation: Some offer highly specialized tools with a very narrow focus and scope.
  • Black Boxes: Some are closed-source, proprietary platforms, introducing third-party risks.
  • Trust: Some require trusting exchange keys, funds, strategies, or personal details.

As a result, retail traders compete with suboptimal tools, at a significant disadvantage.

  • The Superalgos Hack

    A contributor-centric community devised, nurtured, and incentivized with the project's native token to grow into a massive trading collaboration.

The Solution

Join forces to develop the technology infrastructure required for trading intelligence to emerge while deploying the correct set of incentives to foster massive collaboration.

  • Technology built for power, flexibility, scalability, collaboration, and automation.
  • A disruptive business model with free, open-source, trustless software.
  • A native token incentivizing contributions of code, intelligence, and project development.
  • A P2P network boosting collaboration and enabling the monetization of intelligence.
  • A decentralized, permissionless, censorship-resistant Financial Services Marketplace.

The Strategy

We tackle the complexity of the problem with a progressive approach in phases, iterating on a specific problem before moving to the next.

  • Phase 1: Conquer the open-source space to attract developers who may extend the system.
  • Phase 2: Enable massive collaboration to accelerate development to neck-breaking speeds.
  • Phase 3: Deploy a Financial Services Marketplace to expand the market to unskilled investors.
  • Phase 1: Conquering Open-Source

    We delivered the most powerful and flexible market research and trading automation infrastructure to attract technical users, who drive evolution.

Laser Focus

Starting with a narrow focus and delivering a solution to the specific pains of a particular community was key to attracting early adopters.

  • We started with a narrow focus — retail traders in crypto markets.
  • We concentrated on the niche of developers and technical users in general.
  • We are now one of the two largest open-source trading automation projects in the world.
  • Searching for trading bots on Github.com shows our current standing.

The Superalgos Software

Superalgos provides the powerful, flexible, and scalable technology infrastructure required for trading intelligence to emerge.

  • Powerful data-mining and zero-coding custom data visualization.
  • Sophisticated visual design, visual testing, and visual debugging of strategies.
  • Training and consumption of Machine Learning models (TensorFlow integration).
  • Flexible and powerful multi-exchange, multi-market trading execution.
  • Scalable deployments of bots across networks of physical or virtual machines.

Disruptive Business Model

Superalgos is a contributor-centric platform by the people, for the people. Commercial companies can't compete because...

  • It's free so that the monetary cost of software adoption and operation is zero.
  • It's open-source so that the code is transparent, extendable, and dependable.
  • It's trustless so that funds, exchange keys, strategies, and personal info are safe.
  • It's community-driven so that the development pace is unparalleled.

User-driven Innovation

Users adopt Superalgos to improve their performance in the markets and to develop trading intelligence for their consumption and benefit.

  • They help develop the software so that it meets their needs, increasing their edge.
  • Doing so earns them tokens and reputation, making them aware of the collective.
  • So they share part of their intelligence to earn more tokens and recognition.
  • They become invested in the collective while pursuing their own goals.

The Token

The Superalgos (SA) Token aligns incentives for all participants. Contributing to the project — in any way — earns you tokens for your contributions.

  • We distribute the token among the Community so that every user is invested.
  • Distribution is linked to the value of contributions to accelerate development.
  • Incentives go to contributing code, sharing intelligence, promoting the project, etc.
  • The token will be the medium of payment in the marketplace.
  • It is in our collective interest to drive value to the token we own.
  • Phase 2: Massive Collaboration

    The current focus is on expanding the infrastructure to reduce friction in the collaboration and manage a global, massive, distributed organization.

Better Governance & Less Friction

To grow into a massive collaboration that is dynamic, functional, and permissionless, we are expanding the technical infrastructure with specific management and collaboration functionality.

  • Revision of contributions will be distributed among Top Contributors to scale governance.
  • The distribution of incentives will be automated, as the system will track contributions.
  • Superalgos will enable peer-to-peer connections among users to remove friction.
  • This breakthrough will boost collaboration and will give birth to the Superalgos Network.

The Superalgos Network

In the near term, the Superalgos Client will allow connecting to other Clients in a peer-to-peer fashion, enabling seamless exchange and collaboration.

  • Users may expose intelligence in the form of data, strategies, signals, AI models, etc.
  • They may amalgamate intelligence from multiple sources and build more on top.
  • Users may choose to work in silos, to collaborate in closed groups, or openly.
  • Intelligence may be made available free-of-charge, or for a fee through subscriptions.

Horizontal Expansion

In the beginning, users had to learn the system by reading documentation and code, had to build strategies from scratch, and code indicators with few examples.

  • Now, users are contributing indicators, strategies, in-app interactive tutorials, etc.
  • Phase 2 developments will boost contributions through the roof.
  • The massive collaboration will shatter technical entry barriers.
  • Superalgos will become accessible to the much larger segment of less technical traders.

Commercial Disruption

Superalgos is more powerful and flexible than any single commercial trading automation platform in the capacity to produce trading intelligence.

  • The one advantage of commercial platforms is that they are easier to use.
  • They optimize for user experience precisely to cater to a wider market segment.
  • With technical entry barriers coming down fast, Superalgos' user experience will improve.
  • This will lead to the destruction of the sole advantage commercial platforms have.
  • Phase 3: The Marketplace

    The network will evolve into a decentralized, permissionless, censorship-resistant marketplace of trading intelligence and financial services.

Mass Market Expansion

The marketplace will be an interface to the trading intelligence hosted in the network through which all sorts of actors will source trading intelligence and financial services.

  • Early on, supply and demand will be provided by skilled users building intelligence.
  • Eventually, unskilled users—investors—will source turn-key trading services for a fee.
  • As the Collective Intelligence grows competitive, more investors will swarm in.
  • Given sufficient time and growth, Asset Managers and Investment Firms will move in too.
  • The marketplace will have no intermediaries and no network fees.

Open-Source Intelligence

The massive collaboration will boost the open-source trading intelligence that ships with the system in the form of strategies, indicators, AI models, and so on...

  • Advanced users will be able to expose open-source intelligence to the marketplace.
  • Consumers will be able to subscribe to automated trading services with minimal effort.
  • These Superalgos nodes will profit from existing intelligence at zero cost.
  • Open-source intelligence represents the lower-end range of services in the marketplace.

Proprietary Intelligence

By the time the marketplace infrastructure is ready, tens of thousands of users will have amassed sizable amounts of proprietary intelligence.

  • Most users produce trading intelligence for their use and benefit.
  • Some will want to monetize at least part of their work through the marketplace.
  • This intelligence is less distributed, thus may perform better and be more reliable.
  • These Superalgos nodes will provide the mid-end of the range of services.

Collaborative Intelligence

Users will be able to monetize different types of assets that others may consume to develop more sophisticated products in a value-added chain. For example...

  • Alice processes data and makes the data set available at her node.
  • Bob uses Alice's data set to train his ML algorithm and exposes the resulting model.
  • Carol takes Bob’s model, compares the output with her model, and produces a signal.
  • Dave uses the signal as a trigger for one of his trading strategies.
  • He exposes the trading algorithm so that investors may subscribe to trading services.
  • This collaborative paradigm represents the high-end of the range of services.

Project Status

With early adopters trading live since mid-2020, the Superalgos software is reaching maturity and experiencing a healthy growth of the user base.

  • The software has ~2k downloads per month and is virtually ready to come out of beta.
  • We have ~10k monthly visitors on the website and ~20k views on the repository.
  • We have ~2k community members in Telegram and Discord.
  • Metrics show 20% organic growth monthly before starting Marketing & PR campaigns.

Strategic Roadmap

The next step is to launch Superalgos v.1 together with the first listing of the token, backed by aggressive Public Relations & Marketing campaigns.

  • Launch of Superalgos v.1 + Token Listing: 2021, date contingent on listing agreement.
  • Massive Collaboration: 2021 (Q4), features to manage and decentralize the collaboration.
  • Superalgos Network: 2022 (Q2), peer-to-peer connections among Superalgos clients.
  • Financial Services Marketplace: 2022 (Q4), first version of the marketplace infrastructure.