• Look Into the Future

The Long Game

What the Future May Bring

When we explain the Superalgos Project, we prefer to focus on the short to mid-term plans that lead to the massive collaboration, the Superalgos Network, and the Marketplace. We believe these strategies will achieve a partial realization of the vision of a world where machines work for humans.

The dynamics observed early on among users and contributors in response to the software and incentives helped us conceptualize the first three phases of the overall strategy on solid grounds. The assumptions that helped shape the plan are based on factual observations that we tried and tested early on.

This page explores how things may play out in the long run, taking into account some of the current trends in finance, business, and crypto. These thoughts are based mostly on speculation, educated guesses that result from the observation of current trends, and first principles thinking.

Financial Services Marketplace

The marketplace will be a new interface to the trading intelligence hosted in the network through which all sorts of actors will source trading intelligence and financial services.

  • Early on, supply and demand will be provided by skilled users building intelligence.
  • As the Collective Intelligence grows competitive, more crypto users will swarm in.
  • Given sufficient time and growth, Asset Managers and Investment Firms will move in too.
  • The marketplace will have no intermediaries and no network fees.

Open-Source Intelligence

The massive collaboration will boost the open-source trading intelligence that ships with the system in the form of strategies, indicators, AI models, and so on...

  • Advanced users will be able to expose open-source intelligence to the marketplace.
  • Consumers will be able to subscribe to automated trading services with minimal effort.
  • These Superalgos nodes will profit from existing intelligence at zero cost.
  • Open-source intelligence represents the lower-end range of services in the marketplace.

Proprietary Intelligence

By the time the marketplace infrastructure is ready, tens of thousands of users will have amassed sizable amounts of proprietary intelligence.

  • Most users produce trading intelligence for their use and benefit.
  • Some will want to monetize at least part of their work through the marketplace.
  • This intelligence is less distributed, thus may perform better and be more reliable.
  • These Superalgos nodes will provide the mid-end of the range of services.

Collaborative Intelligence

Users will be able to monetize different types of assets that others may consume to develop more sophisticated products in a value-added chain. For example...

  • Alice processes data and makes the data set available at her node.
  • Bob uses Alice's data set to train his ML algorithm and exposes the resulting model.
  • Carol takes Bob’s model, compares the output with her model, and produces a signal.
  • Dave uses the signal as a trigger for one of his trading strategies.
  • He exposes the trading algorithm so that crypto users may subscribe to trading services.
  • This collaborative paradigm represents the high-end of the range of services.

Expansion to Traditional Markets

Superalgos — the software, the network, the marketplace, and the project — will become market-agnostic infrastructures.

  • By the time Superalgos dominates crypto, we will work towards an industry-wide horizontal expansion.
  • At the technical level, the whole infrastructure will be reused with minor adjustments.
  • Challenges may emerge in other realms, such as the regulatory and compliance dimensions.
  • The expansion will diversify the intelligence pool and allow for cross-market money management.

Relentless Evolution

Superalgos will become a software infrastructure maintained and improved by thousands of developers, with tens of thousands of intelligence providers innovating in a permissionless manner.

  • This combination should lead to a thorough exploration of the trading space.
  • The number of intelligence assets exposed to the network will grow to unfathomable orders of magnitude.
  • The intelligence produced will — sooner or later — outperform the intelligence produced in silos.


At some point, investment firms will conclude that there is no point in competing with a massive collaboration to produce intelligence, particularly when the body of work is accessible to them.

  • Firms will start sourcing at least part of the intelligence they require from the network.
  • They will become experts at exploring, cataloging, and managing intelligence.
  • They will amalgamate exiting intelligence, rather than produce intelligence based on direct analysis.

Tokenization of Ownership

The trend to tokenize ownership of digital and physical assets is well underway and will bring the value of entire segments of the traditional economy to be traded in new digital markets.

  • Real estate, art, collectibles, cars, planes, you name it... ownership of all sorts of assets will be digitized.
  • The fractioning of ownership of physical assets will give birth to a new era of trading.
  • The Superalgos Network will then move value across the digital and physical realms.

Smart Wallets

New generations will grow with a whole new level of financial education and will use digital wallets with AI services automating the management of their wealth.

  • In the future, people will spread their wealth across hundreds of assets.
  • Digital wallets will offer features to automate the management of users' portfolios.
  • Users will configure their interests and financial goals, and let the wallet's AI adjusts holdings accordingly.
  • Smart wallets will source the intelligence to trade users' assets from the Superalgos Network.