The Superalgos Project

Crowdsourcing Superpowers for Retail Traders

Superalgos is building the free and open-source Web3 evolution of WallStreetBets, enabling decentralized trading and the unstoppable coordination of millions of retail investors.


The Superalgos Platform (launched in Q4, 2021), #1 on Github in the trading bots category, is a market research and trading automation software for algorithmic traders. Leading design principles are maximum power and flexibility. The software is free and open-source, running on users' premises, offering complete control, no added counterparty risks, and no arbitrary limitations. Traders design, build, test, and deploy crypto trading bots to run trading operations and broadcast signals for others to consume.

The Superalgos Network (in open beta since Q1, 2022) is a peer-to-peer network enabling frictionless collaboration in the decentralized production, dissemination, and consumption of trading intelligence that specialists orchestrate with the Superalgos Platform or other tools that may plug into the network permissionlessly.

Collective AI (in open beta since Q2, 2022) is a community effort to crowdsource the training of various Machine Learning models, distributing computation processes among hundreds of member's machines. The predictions and signals emerging from the Collective AI models are exclusively available to token holders.

The Superalgos Social Trading Apps (mobile, desktop, and server versions — ETA: Q2, 2023) may deploy native trading bots with a simple user interface. The bots consume the trading intelligence disseminated through the network and may fully automate trading in multiple markets and multiple exchanges, 24/7/365. The apps target crypto users who may consume quality intelligence produced by experts—free of charge.


The project incentivizes contributions to the infrastructure, the business, and the collective trading intelligence of the community.

In 2023, teams of traders will produce and disseminate quality trading intelligence in the form of signals. The more followers on their signal feed, the more tokens they will earn. Incentives at the protocol level will allow the dissemination of quality intelligence at zero cost to consumers, favoring the mass adoption of the network by crypto users.

The Superalgos (SA) Token features multiple utilities. Token holdings represent the power to influence the development of the project and the distribution of incentives through participation in governance programs. Also, holdings provide exclusive access to premium products and services such as ML predictions. In addition, holdings determine a ranking granting priority access to products and services wherever ordering is required. For example, tokens held in the built-in wallet of the Social Trading Apps will determine the order in which users get trading signals, affecting the sequence in which orders get processed.

Without Superalgos, ML models are out of reach for solo traders due to the high entry barrier to the technology and extreme computation demands. In a mature state, the Superalgos Network will channel a significant fraction of the world's trading volume. The right to influence the governance of the dominant trading community will become a precious commodity. Successful algo traders may amass millions of followers. Priority access to signals will be crucial for users' trading performance.

  • Project, token, governance, and network — all are decentralized or striving for decentralization.

  • The software infrastructure is open-source and free of charge, for everyone, forever.

  • Trading intelligence evolves systematically by the design of incentives.

  • There are zero adoption and operational costs for participants.

  • There is no need for toxic business models — no ads, no user data collection, nothing!

  • The network is open, peer-to-peer, pseudonymous, and permissionless.

  • The business is an unregulated activity: open-source software development, retail trading, and the dissemination of trading signals.

  • The collective business is 100% aligned with consumer interests.

  • Open source, decentralization, and privacy are core project values.

  • With a collective business model based on token appreciation, friction reduced to zero — everything is open source and free for everyone, and a powerful consumer brand, Superalgos will grow into a dominant trading community channeling a significant fraction of the global trading volume.

What will happen when collective trades aggregating the capital of millions of retail investors take three minutes to coordinate instead of three weeks? What if such events start occurring once per month, then once per week, then every day? What if no one can't stop it?