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Pocket Trading Bots

A community of algorithmic traders — incentivized by the protocol — competes to produce and share top trading intelligence. Shared intelligence is consumed free of charge by investors, through a mobile trading bot app.

Free and Open-Source

The Superalgos Platform (Open Beta since Dec 2019) is a market research and trading automation software for algorithmic traders. It provides the powerful and flexible infrastructure required for trading intelligence to emerge. Traders design, build, test, and deploy crypto trading bots, either for their own trading operation or to produce trading intelligence for others to consume.

The Superalgos Network (ETA: Q1, 2022) is a peer-to-peer network enabling the decentralized dissemination of trading intelligence that algorithmic traders produce with the Superalgos Platform.

The Superalgos Mobile Trading Bot (ETA: Q2, 2022) is a mobile app featuring a native trading bot, with a simple and friendly user interface. The bot consumes the trading intelligence exposed to the network, and may fully automate trading in multiple markets and multiple exchanges, 24/7/365, or act upon user confirmation. The app is designed for investors, who may consume quality intelligence produced by others, free of charge.

Governance & Incentives

The Superalgos Protocol incentivizes algorithmic traders to produce and share quality trading intelligence — initially, in the form of signals. The better the quality, the more tokens signal providers earn. Incentives at the protocol level allow the dissemination of shared intelligence at zero cost to consumers, favoring the mass adoption of the network by unskilled investors.

The Superalgos (SA) Token features multiple utilities. Token holdings represent the power to influence the development of the project through participation in governance programs. Also, token holdings provide a ranking granting top holders priority access to products and services where a ranking is required.

For example, tokens held in the built-in wallet of the Superalgos Mobile Trading Bot app determine the order in which users get trading signals. Notice that this is not an artificial scheme: distributing signals is a computational process that requires time and an ordered list of recipients. Superalgos will never punish users but will prioritize top contributors whenever a ranking is necessary.

Guiding Principles & Status

Products and services, including the use of the Superalgos Platform, the Superalgos Mobile Trading Bot, the Superalgos Network, and the consumption of shared intelligence, are free of charge for everyone, forever.

Permissionless innovation is a top priority. Developers may integrate whatever functionality they may need or build alternative apps to participate in the network. Service providers may expose whatever intelligence they may produce. The community votes and decides what to incentivize.

No data-harvesting, no usage or user's data collection, no ads, and an unequivocal commitment to privacy are core project values.

The Superalgos Platform is on an advanced open beta stage, with early adopters trading live since mid-2020, and ~2k downloads per month. The Superalgos Network and the Superalgos Mobile Trading Bot app are in an early stage of development, to be released in open beta by Q1 and Q2 2022 respectively.

The Community earns Superalgos (SA) Tokens for all sorts of contributions, including sharing intelligence, participating in governance programs, or adding value in any possible way.