The Superalgos Project

An Open Trading Intelligence Network

Superalgos is a token-incentivized open-source project building an open trading intelligence network. Incentivized by the protocol, a community of algorithmic traders competes to produce and disseminate top trading intelligence through an open peer-to-peer network. Crypto users consume intelligence to trade autonomously through mobile, desktop, or server trading bot apps, free of charge.

Free and Open-Source

#1 on Github in the trading bots category, the Superalgos Platform is a market research and trading automation software for algorithmic traders. The platform provides the powerful and flexible infrastructure required for trading intelligence to emerge. Traders may design, build, test, and deploy crypto trading bots to run trading operations or to broadcast signals for others to consume.

The Superalgos Network (ETA: Q1, 2022) is a peer-to-peer open network enabling the decentralized dissemination of trading intelligence that algorithmic traders produce with the Superalgos Platform or other tools that may plug into the network permissionlessly.

The Superalgos App (mobile, desktop, and server versions — ETA: Q2, 2022) is an app featuring capable of deploying native trading bots with a simple and friendly user interface. The bots consume the trading intelligence exposed to the network, and may fully automate trading in multiple markets and multiple exchanges, 24/7/365, or act upon user confirmation. The app is designed for crypto users who may consume quality intelligence produced by experts, free of charge.

Governance & Incentives

The community incentivizes algorithmic traders to produce and disseminate quality trading intelligence in the form of signals. The more followers on their signal feed, the more tokens they earn. Incentives at the protocol level allow the dissemination of quality intelligence at zero cost to consumers, favoring the mass adoption of the network by crypto users.

The Superalgos (SA) Token features multiple utilities. Token holdings represent the power to influence the development of the project and the distribution of incentives through participation in governance programs. Also, token holdings provide a ranking granting top holders priority access to products and services where a ranking is required. For example, tokens held in the built-in wallet of the Superalgos Apps determine the order in which users get trading signals.

In a mature state, the Superalgos Network will channel a significant fraction of the world's trading volume. The right to influence the governance of the dominant trading intelligence network will become a precious commodity. Successful algo traders may amass millions of followers. Priority access to signals will be crucial for users' trading performance.

Disruption Frontier
  • Project, token, governance, and network — all are decentralized.

  • Everything is open source and free of charge, for everyone, forever.

  • Governance incentivizes positive inputs from all actors.

  • Trading intelligence evolves systematically, by design of incentives.

  • There is zero adoption and operational costs for all participants.

  • There is no need for toxic business models — no ads, no user data collection, nothing!

  • The network is open, peer-to-peer, pseudonymous, and permissionless.

  • The business is an unregulated activity: the dissemination of trading signals.

  • The collective business is 100% aligned with consumer interests.

  • We adopt open source, decentralization, and privacy values.

  • The project fosters collaboration and constructive social interactions.

With a collective business model based on token appreciation, a defensible business structure, friction reduced to zero, and a powerful consumer brand, the network is destined to grow into the dominant global trading intelligence network.