Looking for a free and open-source crypto trading bots platform? Yes!

Project Roadmap

How to Launch an Open Trading Intelligence Network

At Superalgos, we are building an Open Trading Intelligence Network. To this day, we have delivered ~75% of the infrastructure with the Superalgos Platform and the Governance Project. This is what comes next!

With users trading live for over a year, the Superalgos Platform is technically ready to come out of beta. The platform has amassed tens of thousands of downloads during the beta stage and has developed a community of a few thousand algo traders in Telegram and Discord.

With the recent listing the Superalgos (SA) Token preceding the launch of the most sophisticated open-source market research and trading automation platform in the market, the project stays true to the founders' commitment: focus on building, not on whitepapers and hype.


The open beta implementation of the Superalgos Network will enable the dissemination of trading signals. Users of the Superalgos Platform will be able to broadcast signals so that other users of the platform may receive those signals and act on them with their own trading bots.

The network will keep evolving, and eventually support the consumption and reposting of signals from within various Superalgos Social Trading Apps. More details about the nature of the peer-to-peer network will be released at a later time.


The Superalgos Platform is a powerful but complex piece of software designed for algo traders. The Superalgos Desktop Social Trading App will be the first of three apps designed for crypto users.

A light piece of software running on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux, the app will allow users to interact with each other, and most importantly, run simple bots that may consume trading signals from the network.


The Server version of the Social Trading App will not feature the social functions shipping in the Desktop version of the app.

Instead, it will be a lightweight version optimized to run in unattended server environments, optimized for cloud deployments.


The Mobile version of the Social Trading App will feature all the functionality in the Desktop app. It will be the solution of choice to stay in touch and interact with other users in the network.

The main utility, though, will be the ability to run bots directly within your mobile, and also, to remotely control the Desktop and Server instances of the app you may be running in parallel.


With several months of testing, polishing, and tunning, Superalgos plans the official launch of the whole ecosystem for November 2022.

This is the main marketing event of the life of the project and will complete a five-year "sprint" that will build all of the basic infrastructures.