Looking for a free and open-source crypto trading bots platform? Yes!

Project Roadmap

Bringing Trading to the Masses

Having delivered the trading automation and collaboration infrastructures, the current roadmap is about lowering technical entry barriers with simple yet robust apps that are more accessible to non-technical people.

The Superalgos Platform is a powerful but complex piece of software designed for algo traders. The Superalgos Desktop Social Trading App will be the first of three apps designed for crypto users.

A light piece of software running on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux, the app will allow users to interact with each other, and most importantly, run simple bots that may consume trading signals from the network.


The Server version of the Social Trading App will not feature the social functions shipping in the Desktop version of the app.

Instead, it will be a lightweight version optimized to run in unattended server environments, optimized for cloud deployments.


The Mobile version of the Social Trading App will feature all the functionality in the Desktop app. It will be the solution of choice to stay in touch and interact with other users in the network.

The main utility, though, will be the ability to run bots directly within your mobile, and also, to remotely control the Desktop and Server instances of the app you may be running in parallel.