What Brings Us Together

A Call for Humans to Collaborate Towards a Bright Future of Automation

The world has been walking the path of digital automation for decades, and algorithms are now ubiquitous. As humans, we have infinite choices as to what part to play in this global economic and societal shift, and our actions or lack thereof will have long-lasting consequences.

At Superalgos, we chose to take action! We are working towards a future where algorithms exist and evolve to work for humans. In the world we envision, humans will worry less about survival and enjoy more time pursuing dreams, social life, and passion.

We formulated Superalgos on the premise that humanity is ripe for global collaboration, knowing that technology will enhance our collective effort. We want you to join forces and help us shape a bright future for everyone willing to participate.

Our Vision

A world where machines work for humans.

Our Mission

Worker bots for everyone.

Our Values

We care about humans. Not corporations, not governments, not ideologies. Humans.

Our Culture

We are an open, global collaboration evolving worker bots for humans.
Contribute and be recognized, heard, and rewarded.