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Superalgos Social Trading Apps

Free Apps & Free Signals
Superalgos Mobile

A mobile app optimized for ease of use, Superalgos Mobile will allow crypto users to follow algo traders and influencers, listening to the signals they broadcast!

The app will feature a built-in trading bot to process signals in a fully automated fashion. It will also support assisted trading, sending alerts and awaiting user confirmation before placing orders. Users will choose which assets to accumulate and which exchanges to trade with.

Superalgos Desktop

A desktop app optimized for control, Superalgos Desktop will provide similar features as the mobile app, running on desktop computers for increased stability and availability.

Users may choose to use the desktop app as a standalone solution to consume signals or as a fallback or redundant deployment. Users running both mobile and desktop apps will be able to access the same features on both devices so that you're always in control.

Superalgos Server

A server app optimized for reliability, Superalgos Server will provide a minimalistic interface and focus on seamless, stable, unassisted operation for cloud or local deployments.

The server app will too be capable of operating in parallel and interacting with the desktop and mobile apps, completing a formidable suit. The three apps working together will provide the ultimate trading experience.

The triad of apps will provide the right solution for all kinds of crypto users, catering to all use cases. They'll become available in beta versions starting Q2, 2022.