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Superalgos Smart Holding

There are crypto-holders and smart crypto-holders. Getting smart requires taking a more active role managing your investment, but with Superalgos Smart Holding, the effort required is minimal.

You probably invested in cryptocurrencies at some point in time. Depending on when you bought, you may have had a good run for your money, or you may be well below the water, desperately hoping for a new rally to catch a breath of fresh air.

No matter what your case is, the point is that you don't need to sit on your coins during a year-long market correction. There is a smarter way of holding cryptocurrencies. The alternative involves a little bit of trading, that is, a little bit of managing your investment.

The smart way to hold cryptocurrencies involves selling during a downturn to rebuy at a cheaper price once price stabilizes further down the road. Done right, this strategy increases the size of your holding. The Smart Crypto-Holding Suite assists you with it.

How to Increase your Bitcoin Holdings in a Bear Market

Learn how an open-source, automated smart-holding strategy may help you manage your long-term investment during prolonged market corrections. The strategy features a verifiable live-trading track record since it was released in September 2019, with 46.7% ROI in BTC.

Trading for Non-Traders & Bots for Non-Coders

Superalgos helps you navigate the hazards of using trading bots when you are not a trader, nor a developer.

Most of the Superalgos Platform is oriented at traders. However, non-experts may also benefit from open-source strategies maintained by the Community, which may run in an automated fashion. The challenge for non-traders is navigating the dark, shark-infested waters of an industry known for its wild-west ethics. You should always be wary of people and companies offering risk-free trading services or magic bots to manage your crypto funds. There is no such thing as risk-free trading, nor do magic bots exist.

Superalgos has a strong commitment to education. Teaching newcomers on the dos and don'ts of using trading bots is part of our mission. However, being safe and protecting your capital is your own responsibility. You do need to exercise judgment and understand what you are doing to be safe in this space. Superalgos provides you with all the tools that allow for a safe introduction in the world of managing your crypto investments and trading with automated strategies, also known as bots.

For starters, we provide you with a platform that runs in your machine or in a virtual machine on the cloud that you may set up. Running Superalgos Smart Holding in your machine allows you to trade directly from your account at the exchange so that you don't need to trust funds or exchange keys to any third-party. Also, the platform's code is open-source, and so are the strategies made available to you. Therefore, both are auditable, meaning that anyone—including you—may put them under scrutiny.

The less you trust, the safer you are. Superalgos is trustless by design, meaning that using the platform and strategies should not require trusting us, nor anyone else, for that matter.

Strategies running on the Superalgos Platform consist of rules that dictate how the strategy operates. There are rules for establishing in what precise market situations the strategy shall be triggered, and there are rules that determine the exact situations in which the strategy shall take a position. More rules determine the stop loss and take profit targets. All of these rules are visible to the user, right within the user interface. The built-in interactive documentation teaches you how to read them. We hope you put these features to good use.

In addition, the strategies made available with Superalgos Smart Holding have their own repositories on Github. Repositories feature README files explaining the strategies, describing the main trading idea and how it is implemented. Also covered in the explanation is the strategy track-record, both in terms of backtesting and also in terms of live-trading. That said, you do not need to trust these numbers. Instead, you should backtest the strategies yourself.

The Superalgos Platform features easy to use strategy testing features, including backtesting (testing over historical data), paper trading (a live simulation) and forward testing (trading live but with a fraction of available capital), as well as live trading capabilities. The Basic Use section of the built-in interactive documentation encourages you—and shows you how—to test strategies before actually deploying them. As you can see, you do have all the tools to understand what strategies do, and to decide for yourself how to use them.

Automating Your Trading

Superalgos makes managing your investment as easy as it gets, with a fully automated trading solution, and you on the driver's seat.

Getting ready to trade with one of the open-source strategies in Superalgos Smart Holding is surprisingly easy. That said, you do need to be a savvy Windows, Mac OS or Linux user. If you are not confident using a computer, it may be a bit tricky, but you can still try, as the process is carefully explained in the built-in interactive documentation. All you need to do is follow the instructions.

The set-up process takes around 5 minutes, but you will need some extra time waiting for market data files to download and decompress. To trade live, you will run the software, load the workspace that ships with it and do some minor configurations, including setting up an exchange API key so that you may access your account at the exchange.

Trading live requires running several bots and keeping them running for as long as you are trading. When a position is taken, the trading bot keeps track of the position and manages the trade to eventually close it, as per the rules of the strategy. Needless to say, your computer needs to be on and the platform and bots running during the whole process.

Track trades live directly over the charts and access aggregated reports with overall results. Set up to Telegram Announcements to know what your strategies are doing at all times!

Always download software and strategies from official releases. Using other sources may be a high-risk choice, as malicious code may be introduced, for example, to steal your API keys.

Download and Set Up

Find installation instructions on the main repository

In homage to the open-source spirit, we have moved the Getting Started Guide to our GitHub repository, where the rest of the code is. The button below takes you there.

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