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Superalgos Trading Coach

Superalgos helps you build a solid foundation for your trading career, providing you with tools designed to keep you out of harm's way.

Trading cryptocurrency can be a profitable and fulfilling endeavor, both as a full-time job or a part-time hobby. However, the activity is not without risk. Not only do traders risk their capital, but many also risk assets that are a lot more valuable, like health—both mental and physical—as well as relationships, family and friends.

Some traders risk their physical wellbeing by developing a sedentary lifestyle, spending too much time glued to the screen. Some frequently feel stressed out, putting a considerable strain on their mental health. Some suffer emotionally from alternating winning and losing strakes, taking a hit on their mood and social abilities.

Superalgos Trading Coach helps you take a sustainable approach to trading. It teaches you a trading framework that is designed to make your trading consistent and reliable, but also, to steer you away from hazardous behaviors. Learn the most appropriate approach for beginners and build a solid foundation from day one.

Developing Your Trading System: A Step by Step Guide

You've probably heard before that trading is all about developing your system and sticking to it. This article lays out a rational framework for developing your trading system, dissecting trading logic, step by step.

The Systematic Approach to Trading

Consistent and reliable trading performance requires a solid trading system. Superalgos Trading Coach helps you build your own.

Superalgos Trading Coach puts the focus on the systematic approach to trading, which Superalgos believes is the proper way to learn to trade. The term "systematic" refers to the methodic nature of the process by which aspiring traders first learn the basics of technical analysis and markets psychology, then develop a trading system, test it, and only then deploy it.

Systematic trading works well with all sorts of trading frequencies. However, beginner traders should focus on the lower side of the range. Trading at high frequencies, in the order of minutes, seconds or higher, requires factoring many different kinds of market forces. The analysis is greatly simplified when the focus is placed on lower frequencies such as hours, days or weeks.

    The flip-side of the coin is discretionary trading, which incorporates all sorts of analysis in the decision-making process, including intuition and experience. There are advantages and disadvantages to relying on intuition and experience, but the reason why beginner traders should refrain from making discretionary decisions is simply that they lack both.

    Inexperienced traders making decisions in real-time are likely acting upon emotional drivers, such as fear and greed. For example, the fear of missing out drives beginners to chase rallies after they have matured, resulting in late entries and mistimed exits, often ending up on the wrong side of the trade.

Emotions need to be rooted out for traders to have fair chances of success. In part, that is what systematic trading does. It removes the option of making trading decisions in real-time, as the market unfolds. Instead, decisions are made in a cool state of mind, with plenty of time for thorough analysis and testing, while developing the trading system.

A trading system is a set of pre-defined rules that determine—among other things—when and how positions shall be open, how they shall be managed, and when and how they shall be closed. A clear set of rules enforces an effective separation of decision-making from trading execution. The trader must always execute the rules in the system, effectively blocking emotional drives.

A Visual Paradigm

Superalgos Trading Coach provides an accessible and intuitive framework in which the visual element is the key.

Humans are sensory beings, thus, we are more effective when we can see. Superalgos brings you a powerful graphics environment in which you may visualize all the information required—and resulting from—trading cryptocurrencies.

There is no need to work with hard numbers; that is optional. There is no need to write computer code; that is optional too. Everything you do is supported by the visual environment which not only presents data but also guides your work.

Building, testing and deploying trading systems takes place in this visual setting. You will be able to see exactly how your strategies perform, analyze each trade, tweak the rules in your trading system and see the results in real-time.

Touch up a rule, run a quick backtesting session, analyze the results on the charts, and go back to tweaking the rules. Spend some time optimizing, and you will hopelessly fall for a thrilling game in the quest to push ROI higher with each tweak!

Trading Automation

Automation is the ultimate remedy for all the ailments associated with the trading profession. Superalgos Trading Coach equips you with state-of-the-art trading automation tools.

The systematic approach to trading puts you on the right path to develop healthy and sustainable trading habits. Automation takes your trading to a whole new level. Not only will you manage to separate trading decisions from trading execution, but you will also effectively delegate execution to your trading assistant bot.

The Superalgos Platform incorporates a robust trading bot that reads the rules in your trading system and executes them with machine efficiency. Your bot may work 24/7/365. It may handle as many strategies as you chose to develop, in as many markets as you chose to trade, on as many exchanges as you wish.

Trading execution automation extends your resources by releasing you from the pointless and harmful task of staring at the screen all day. As a result, you may use your time for the formative and creative aspects of your trading career: acquiring knowledge that you may build into your ever-expanding set of strategies.

The trading coach features described in this page are built-in the Superalgos software. No matter what focus you start with, you will always be able to tap into all the features and functionality in the suite, including those associated with other fields.

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