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Superalgos Network

Built for openness, resilience, and censorship resistance

The network is peer-to-peer to reduce friction and maximize resilience / censorship resistance.

Platform users connect to broadcast signals, and app users connect to consume them. There are no network fees, no intermediaries, and no central authority or choke points.

Open Network

Superalgos is an open network like the Internet, Bitcoin, or Lightning.

Open networks are superior to closed networks because allowing unrestricted participation ensures the broadest possible adoption and the greatest possible network effects.


The network is permissionless so that everyone may freely innovate.

The network is app-agnostic. Anyone may develop new clients, connect wallets, or supply/consume intelligence in any other way. Anyone may contribute to the infrastructure.

By design, Superalgos embraces innovation and fosters relentless evolution. The network will capture ever-increasing brainpower as it grows, maximizing network effects.