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Governance Overview

Governance of the Superalgos Project is distributed among all members of the Superalgos Community willing to participate. The Governance System is built-in the Superalgos Platform, so participating is quite straightforward!


To participate in governance, community members leverage their Superalgos (SA) Token holdings, exerting influence proportional to their Token Power and reputation. The combined influence of all token holders participating in governance determines how the token is distributed upon each release.

Even if you have no tokens to produce your first claim, the Community will delegate Token Power to your profile so that you may get started!

  • What Positions, Features, Assets, or project-development activities, in general, are incentivized and how.

  • Which Contributors are compensated for which Contributions.

  • What Programs are funded and how.

Governance is designed as a flexible system that allows the Community to dynamically direct influence in arbitrary directions.

Earn Tokens

A Community engaged in governance is crucial for the development of the project, therefore participation is incentivized. In other words, you will earn Superalgos SA Tokens simply by taking part in the governance of Superalgos.

The system allows governance to evolve with the project. It also encourages permissionless innovation, as Contributors may propose new areas of development and rally the Community to incentivize expansion along new lines.

Because governing Superalgos is an important contribution, the sole act of participating in governance earns you tokens!

Onboarding Programs

These programs incentivize Superalgos users to take the first couple of steps to participate in governance and start giving back to the project. They make earning the first few tokens a breeze and allow every user to become invested!

Airdrops on each release!

We don't like meaningless airdrops. But what if airdrops bring users a step closer to participating in governance?

The Airdrops program is designed to incentivize users to take the very first step: creating and submitting their user profiles. This is the sole technical requirement to receive the airdropped tokens and is - at the same time - the first step to participate in governance and contribute to the project.

The Airdrop program distributes the tokens in the Airdrops pool evenly to all existing profiles, with a cap of SA 1,000 per profile, on each release!

GitHub Program

This program is designed to incentivize users to fork the Superalgos repository so that they are another step closer to contributing. Giving a star to and watching the repository is incentivized so that it is easier to find by other developers.

This program distributes tokens from the Github pool. Maintaining your fork of the Superalgos repository may grant you up to SA 1,000. The same goes for a star, and for watching the repo. That is, this program features a cap of SA 3,000 per user.

Earn your first few tokens and become invested in the success of the project!

Community Building Programs

Superalgos thrives through contributions and collaboration. We designed these three programs to foster a community in which members are always ready to help and give back!

Referrals Program

Before they may contribute, people need to find out about Superalgos in the first place! The referral program built-in the Governance Project is designed to incentivize the promotion of the project, either by word-of-mouth or “en masse” through articles, social media posts, videos, and other forms of influencer marketing.

In a nutshell, you may earn Superalgos SA Tokens for every user you refer to the project and their descendants!

Declaring your referrers is the best way to thank the person that may have written that article or tweet, produced that video, maintained the website, or the friend who told you about Superalgos! Without them, you probably wouldn't be here yet! The program features a Token Bonus. That is, simply by declaring your referrers, you earn tokens!

Support Program

At Superalgos, we take pride in the level of support we offer to newcomers and the Community in general. We get frequent compliments, and many users have expressed how impressed they are by the speedy and helpful responses in the Support Groups.

While the broader community is always ready to help with typical support questions, we've noticed that it takes a certain level of experience and knowledge to provide effective support. This is why select Community Mods are in charge of Support.

The Support Program incentivizes participation in support and let's the Community decide how to compensate Community Mods contributing to the project's support efforts. Like with referrers, you may earn tokens by declaring your favorite supporters!

Mentorship Program

Superalgos is a community project nurtured and incentivized to grow into a massive collaboration. One of the incentives to grow the collaboration is embodied in the Mentorship Program, designed to encourage the recruiting, nurturing, and mentoring of Contributors.

In a nutshell, mentors earn Superalgos SA Tokens for the work of their mentee Contributors and all their descendants!This incentive encourages power users to help newcomers with the initial learning curve, all the way until they get to the point in which they may contribute something of value.

Declaring your mentors and participating in the program is the best way to thank the people that helped you succeed with Superalgos! This program has a bonus too! Declare your mentors and earn tokens!

Superalgos incentivizes positive and productive interactions within the community!

Contribution Claims Program

When you contribute to Superalgos, you must produce a claim for your contribution, and you must harness the support of the Community that will vouch for or validate your contribution.


Governance is decentralized! There is no central authority controlling who contributes what. Instead, the project delegates in the Community the capacity to establish the value of Contributions and to determine who contributed what. As such, governance is a social system!


When you get involved with Superalgos, you interact with the Community and find ways to contribute. While doing so, you relate to or associate with community members that have similar interests or care about the same areas of the project you may be working in. It is these people that will vouch for your claims!


There are three different types of Contribution Claims you may define:

  • Asset Contribution Claim

  • Feature Contribution Claim

  • Position Contribution Claim

People working close to you will be happy to support your claims!

Voting Program

The Voting Program allows you to influence how tokens are distributed, effectively influencing the direction of development. You also use votes to vouch for other contributor's claims, which is a clear expression of your influence in the project as well.

Weight Votes

Weight Votes allow you to influence which areas of development will be incentivized!

The key underlying concept is that the project distributes more tokens to the concepts holding more Weight Votes. This is how you may influence the direction of development of the project, as Contributors are more prone to work on the areas that are more heavily incentivized.

Claim Votes

Claim Votes allow you to support the Contribution Claims of other Contributors so that they may be compensated for their work!

This is how you support Contributors that have worked close to you, or in areas of the project you are familiar with or active on, so that they may get compensated for their work.

Profile Votes

Profile Votes allow you to delegate your Voting Power to other users, so that people you trust may vote on topics you are not well versed on, using your power!

For instance, if you lack expertise in a certain area and wish someone else to direct your Voting Power. Or if you wish someone to have more power to influence the project.

Help the community drive the project in the right direction!

Delegation Program

The Delegation Program allows you to pass on Token Power to other User Profiles for them to use in whatever way they wish.

Liquid Democracy

This is a feature with characteristics inspired in liquid democracy, and also plays an important societal function: new Contributors need Claims Power to place their first claims, but — given that they are new to Superalgos — they may hold no tokens yet.

Social Fabric

New Contributors may borrow Token Power from their mentors to turn it into Claims Power to place their first few claims. Superalgos Governance weaves desirable social interactions that cement collaboration, promote trust, and develop a sense of belonging in the Community.

No Time?

One good reason why you may wish to delegate Token Power is if you lack the time or knowledge to actively participate in governance, but you don't want your Token Power to go to waste! Delegating your power earns you a token bonus, like many of the other programs!

Use your holdings to empower the people around you!

Staking Program

The staking program allows the Superalgos Community to compensate token holders for the sake of holding tokens. Holding tokens may be a valuable contribution that the Community may decide to incentivize at any point.

No Contracts

It is a very simple program, as it doesn't involve smart contracts or transferring funds out of your wallet.

To Stake...

You may participate in the Staking Program with the Token Power that you haven't used for other purposes.

Or Not To Stake!

Bear in mind that participating in other Governance Programs may be more profitable than staking!

Holding the token is the collective business model of all participants!