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The Superalgos (SA) Token

The Superalgos (SA) token is a BEP20 token on Binance Smart Chain. It was launched in March 2021 to accelerate development by incentivizing contributions. You may earn tokens simply by learning the system and sharing what you build with it! At a later stage, the token will be the medium of payment in a decentralized Financial Services Marketplace.


The token goes to users willing to contribute code, documentation, tutorials, or simply part of what they build with Superalgos, like indicators or trading systems. In the big scheme of things, the token is the incentive for participants to develop, deploy, and bootstrap a decentralized financial services network. It is the backbone of the collective business because its the element that aligns all interests towards the long-term vision. Everyone in the collective — the project, the Core Team, and the Community — benefit from the same incentives while chasing their personal ambitions at the same time.

Token Economics

The project issued 500 million tokens out of the 1.5 billion cap established. The full amount was transferred to the treasury account. The remaining billion tokens will be issued at a later stage, potentially on different platforms. The project manages a yearly budget, as per the table below. 128 million tokens were allocated for 2018, the year the project formally started. The yearly budget will go through a halving event every 6 years. The first halving will be in 2024. By then, 51.2% of the tokens will have been distributed. The total supply will be distributed by 2050.


The Core Team assigns an arbitrary percentage of the year's budget to each software release for distribution among contributors. The percentage depends on the size, and perceived value of the release. The Team weights the value of each contribution subjectively, in consultation with top contributors. Contributions come in all shapes and forms, and project needs may vary, so no algorithmic distribution is possible. Contributing to the project is within reach for all types of skillsets! You may contribute code, educational material, or simply the indicators or trading systems you build with the system!


Browse the contract, the token tracker, and the treasury account on BscScan.

WARNING: Always make sure you are interacting with the real Superalgos contract:

Token Allocation Per Release

The project distributes the Superalgos (SA) Token on a per-release basis, among contributors of each release. The distribution scheme addresses two crucial needs: it promotes a sound economy in which emission is backed by the value added to the project with each release of the software, and incentivizes contributions.

  • OCT 2018
  • MVP
  • The Minimum Viable Product Delivered in Pre-alpha Stage

    Superalgos delivers a platform running bots in the cloud and on the browser, in live trading, competition and backtesting modes.
  • 84% of 2018 Budget
  • 107,520,000 SA
  • 20 Contributors
  • Announcement
  • AUG 2019
  • Advanced Backtesting, Multi-Strategy Live-Trading and Usability Improvements

    Superalgos improves on functionality, features and overall reliability.
  • 16% of 2018 + 64% of 2019
  • 102,400,000 SA
  • 28 Contributors
  • Announcement
  • DEC 2019
  • BETA 1
  • Laying Out the Foundations for Robust Data Mining

    Superalgos releases Beta including data processing capabilities, Telegram announcements and many improvements on the code base.
  • 32% of 2019 Budget
  • 40,960,000 SA
  • 9 Contributors
  • Announcement
  • DEC 2019
  • BETA 2
  • New Data Visualization and Productivity Tools

    Superalgos incorporates the tools required to visualize indicators’ data along with enhanced productivity tools.
  • 4% of 2019 Budget
  • 5,120,000 SA
  • 5 Contributors
  • Announcement
  • APR 2020
  • BETA 3
  • Opening to Multiple Exchanges and Multiple Markets, and a Major Infrastructure Upgrade

    Superalgos grows to work with top exchanges, unlimited markets, and powerful charting features.
  • 32% of 2020 Budget
  • 40,960,000 SA
  • 12 Contributors
  • Announcement
  • MAY 2020
  • BETA 4
  • Crypto-Trading Farms: Flexible and Scalable Trading Operations

    Superalgos enables distributing processes on multiple machines and implements webhooks for third-party systems integration.
  • 9% of 2020 Budget
  • 11,520,000 SA
  • 15 Contributors
  • Announcement
  • JUN 2020
  • BETA 5
  • New Open-Source Bitcoin Strategy, Support & Resistance Indicator, and Trades Snapshots!

    Superalgos Beta 5 comes packed with exciting new features and more open-source intelligence in the form of a new trading system and a new indicator.
  • 9% of 2020 Budget
  • 11,520,000 SA
  • 14 Contributors
  • Announcement
  • OCT 2020
  • BETA 6
  • Superalgos New Trading Execution Completes Advanced Crypto Trading Automation Tools

    Superalgos Beta 6 brings flexible execution algorithms paired with unprecedented access to the information handled by the trading bot.
  • 32% of 2020 Budget
  • 40,960,000 SA
  • 16 Contributors
  • Announcement
  • NOV 2020
  • BETA 7
  • Superalgos Becomes a Multi-Project Platform

    Superalgos Beta 7 delivers the infrastructure required for integrating blockchain and other crypto projects.
  • 9% of 2020 Budget
  • 11,520,000 SA
  • 7 Contributors
  • Announcement
  • JAN 2021
  • BETA 8
  • Building Crypto Trading Bots Becomes Easier with Superalgos Improved Feedback Loops

    Superalgos Beta 8 brings in-app documentation and optimized trading bot feedback, dramatically improving the experience of building, testing, and debugging strategies.
  • 9% of 2020 + 9% of 2021
  • 23,040,000 SA
  • 13 Contributors
  • Announcement
  • APR 2021
  • BETA 9
  • Superalgos Delivers Experimental Integration of TensorFlow

    The integration kick starts the platform’s Machine Learning era, leveraging the built-in data-mining capabilities and expanding the infrastructure.
  • 24% of 2021 Budget
  • 30,720,000 SA
  • 25 Contributors
  • Announcement

Contacting early contributors has proven to be challenging. Unclaimed tokens will remain in the treasury account until we manage to reach the rightful owners.

What Kind of Contributions?

Contributions may come in multiple forms. We define a contribution as the input of a Community member that adds value to the project and is conducive to developing, deploying, or bootstrapping the Financial Services Marketplace.

There is no definitive list of types of contributions. The project may choose what inputs to incentivize depending on the stage of development. As such, incentives are a moving target determined by strategic decisions.

At this early stage, everyone may contribute with whatever set of skills they may bring as the project is vast and needs development on all fronts. Read the Contribute to Superalgos page for current ideas, or propose your own!

A few examples are contributing code, removing bugs, integrating other projects, building indicators, sharing trading systems, creating tutorials and educational content, promoting the project, documenting, translating, etc.

If you haven't contributed yet, the easiest way to earn your first tokens is by doing the Contribute to Superalgos Tutorial in the Getting Started plugin workspace and submitting a review of the software. All contributions are subject to the terms of the Apache License 2.0.

What Does the Core Team Get?

We are contributors like everyone else and benefit from the same incentive structure as the rest of the Community. By design, there is a three-way alignment of interests between the project, the Core Team, and the Community.

We've been working relentlessly since mid-2017. We pushed fearlessly through the crypto-winter and emerged in the crypto-summer unscathed.

Not the pandemic nor the global economic meltdown have slowed us down, let alone stop us, as the current state of development shows.

Tokens allocated to each release are distributed among the people that contributed during those periods, including the Core Team.

We are a force to be reckoned with!


At this point, governance of the project is centralized with the Core Team and will remain that way at least until more parties get involved with a similar level of commitment.


We probably left out information that you may consider valuable. If you have questions, please join the Community and start a conversation. We will make sure we compile all questions so that we may include the answers here.