• Incentives

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Superalgos (SA) Token

Holding the Token is the Collective Business Model

Everyone in the collaboration earns tokens for their contributions. From project founders to the last user participating in governance, we are all contributors. We all share the same incentives and collective goal: to drive value to the Superalgos (SA) Token.

Financial Utility

Earn more tokens participating in governance! Because governing Superalgos is an important contribution, the sole act of participating earns you tokens. For instance, Community Building Programs are incentivized with a token bonus. Voting is incentivized too, and you may also choose to participate in the Staking Program. The more tokens you hold, the bigger your participation in bonus pools.

Reputation Utility

The tokens you earn when contributing to the project determine your reputation. You may leverage reputation to increase your Voting Power! Reputation is not transferable, so the tokens you acquire by any other means (buying, swapping, borrowing, trading, etc.) do not carry a reputation value. Only addresses that received tokens directly from the Treasury Account grant you reputation in the governance system.

Priority Utility

Tokens held in the built-in wallet of the Superalgos App determine the order in which users get trading signals. This is not an artificial scheme: no arbitrary latency will be introduced. Distributing signals is a computational process that requires time and an ordered list of recipients. Superalgos will not require users to hold tokens but will prioritize top holders whenever a ranking is necessary.

Buying pressure for the token originates from crypto users competing to be among the first to receive trading signals and for the token bonus of governance programs. Use cases incentivize holding and do not require spending the token, avoiding blockchain fees.

Browse the contract, the token tracker, and the treasury account on BscScan.

WARNING: Always make sure you are interacting with the real Superalgos contract:

How to Configure the Superalgos Token in Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet is a mobile cryptocurrency wallet that supports — among other standards — BEP20 tokens. This is one of the wallets you may use to hold and transact with your Superalgos (SA) tokens.

Token Distribution

Earn tokens and learn how they work

A BEP20 token on the Binance Smart Chain, the Superalgos (SA) Token was launched in March 2021 to accelerate development by incentivizing contributions. You may earn tokens by contributing code, educational material, participating in governance, or simply by learning the system and sharing what you build with it!

Earn Tokens

The Community distributes the Superalgos (SA) token among the people that help develop the project. Guess what? We want you in! You came to Superalgos looking to improve your performance in the markets, and that's great! But you may also participate in a much larger collective enterprise! We are an open-source, token-incentivized, global collaboration building an open trading intelligence network. All of our products and services are free to use for everyone, forever, but the token may grant users priority access to many of them! You can start contributing right away!

Token Economics

The project issued 500 million tokens out of the 1.5 billion cap established. The full amount was transferred to the treasury account. The remaining billion tokens will be issued at a later stage, potentially on different blockchains. The project manages a yearly budget, as per the table below. 128 million tokens were allocated for 2018, the year the project formally started. The yearly budget will go through a halving event every 6 years. The first halving will be in 2024. By then, 51.2% of the tokens will have been distributed. The total supply will be distributed by 2050.


The Superalgos Governance System was rolled out with the Beta 11 version of the platform in September 2021. With the new distributed governance, Superalgos (SA) Token holders determine how the project distributes the tokens allocated to each release, deciding which programs get funded and how, and which contributors get what compensations for which contributions. To participate in governance, you must set up your User Profile within the app, link it to your governance address, and define how you intend to use the token power conferred by your token holdings.

The governance system features programs that help you earn your first few tokens simply by participating, including an airdrop on each release!


Issuing Schedule

Halving every 6 years

We designed the issuing schedule to provide Superalgos with formidable early-stage incentivization power. The first halving comes in 2024, after our sixth birthday!


Token Allocation Log

Community Governance Determines Allocation

The project distributes the Superalgos (SA) Token on a per-release basis, among contributors of each release. The distribution scheme addresses two crucial needs: it promotes a sound economy in which emission is backed by the value added to the project with each release of the software, and incentivizes contributions.

  • SEP 2021
  • BETA 11
  • Superalgos Distributes the Governance of the Token and the Project

    Also, New leadership in the TensorFlow, Education, and Data Mining projects drove significant development and improvements in those fields.
  • Distribution
  • Event:
  • October 1st, 2021
  • Announcement
  • JUN 2021
  • BETA 10
  • Superalgos Extends Data Mining to Any API and Stretches the Trading Framework

    The new features allow users to map any API and mine data without coding, and allows developers to bypass hard trading framework definitions to allow free-form coding.
  • Distributing
  • With
  • Beta 11
  • Announcement
  • APR 2021
  • BETA 9
  • Superalgos Delivers Experimental Integration of TensorFlow

    The integration kick starts the platform’s Machine Learning era, leveraging the built-in data-mining capabilities and expanding the infrastructure.
  • 24% of 2021 Budget
  • 30,720,000 SA
  • 25 Contributors
  • Announcement
  • JAN 2021
  • BETA 8
  • Building Crypto Trading Bots Becomes Easier with Superalgos Improved Feedback Loops

    Superalgos Beta 8 brings in-app documentation and optimized trading bot feedback, dramatically improving the experience of building, testing, and debugging strategies.
  • 9% of 2020 + 9% of 2021
  • 23,040,000 SA
  • 13 Contributors
  • Announcement
  • NOV 2020
  • BETA 7
  • Superalgos Becomes a Multi-Project Platform

    Superalgos Beta 7 delivers the infrastructure required for integrating blockchain and other crypto projects.
  • 9% of 2020 Budget
  • 11,520,000 SA
  • 7 Contributors
  • Announcement
  • OCT 2020
  • BETA 6
  • Superalgos New Trading Execution Completes Advanced Crypto Trading Automation Tools

    Superalgos Beta 6 brings flexible execution algorithms paired with unprecedented access to the information handled by the trading bot.
  • 32% of 2020 Budget
  • 40,960,000 SA
  • 16 Contributors
  • Announcement
  • JUN 2020
  • BETA 5
  • New Open-Source Bitcoin Strategy, Support & Resistance Indicator, and Trades Snapshots!

    Superalgos Beta 5 comes packed with exciting new features and more open-source intelligence in the form of a new trading system and a new indicator.
  • 9% of 2020 Budget
  • 11,520,000 SA
  • 14 Contributors
  • Announcement
  • MAY 2020
  • BETA 4
  • Crypto-Trading Farms: Flexible and Scalable Trading Operations

    Superalgos enables distributing processes on multiple machines and implements webhooks for third-party systems integration.
  • 9% of 2020 Budget
  • 11,520,000 SA
  • 15 Contributors
  • Announcement
  • APR 2020
  • BETA 3
  • Opening to Multiple Exchanges and Multiple Markets, and a Major Infrastructure Upgrade

    Superalgos grows to work with top exchanges, unlimited markets, and powerful charting features.
  • 32% of 2020 Budget
  • 40,960,000 SA
  • 12 Contributors
  • Announcement
  • DEC 2019
  • BETA 2
  • New Data Visualization and Productivity Tools

    Superalgos incorporates the tools required to visualize indicators’ data along with enhanced productivity tools.
  • 4% of 2019 Budget
  • 5,120,000 SA
  • 5 Contributors
  • Announcement
  • DEC 2019
  • BETA 1
  • Laying Out the Foundations for Robust Data Mining

    Superalgos releases Beta including data processing capabilities, Telegram announcements and many improvements on the code base.
  • 32% of 2019 Budget
  • 40,960,000 SA
  • 9 Contributors
  • Announcement
  • AUG 2019
  • Advanced Backtesting, Multi-Strategy Live-Trading and Usability Improvements

    Superalgos improves on functionality, features and overall reliability.
  • 16% of 2018 + 64% of 2019
  • 102,400,000 SA
  • 28 Contributors
  • Announcement
  • OCT 2018
  • MVP
  • The Minimum Viable Product Delivered in Pre-alpha Stage

    Superalgos delivers a platform running bots in the cloud and on the browser, in live trading, competition and backtesting modes.
  • 84% of 2018 Budget
  • 107,520,000 SA
  • 20 Contributors
  • Announcement

Unclaimed tokens go to engrossing the distribution pools for the next release.


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